Reduced Juice Betting

reduced juice betting

What is Reduced Juice Betting?

For many years there was an industry standard Vigorish (Juice) taken by online bookmakers under the setting of the bettor wagering $110 to win $100 on betting lines.

Some online sportsbooks however have lowered that standard Juice, with the intention of giving more value to the clients.

In this post, we’ll explain how “Reduced Juice” betting works with online sportsbooks, and also offer arguments for the positive and negative outcomes that Reduced Juice brings for the bettors.

We’ll then finish with advice on finding the best sportsbooks with Reduced Juice odds.

How Does Reduced Juice Betting Work?

Below is the average line that might be offered by a standard Sportsbook for an NBA market –


Chicago Bulls:    +6.5   (-110)

LA Lakers:           -6.5    (-110) 

On each bet in this example you would need to wager $110 to get a payout of $100. If the sportsbook takes two $110 wagers on either side of this market, they would receive $220 in total stakes, but only give back $210 to the winning bet.

This is a guaranteed profit of $10 to the sportsbook.

Below is a line offered by a Reduced Juice Sportsbook on the same market:


Chicago Bulls:    +6.5   (-105)

LA Lakers:           -6.5    (-105) 

In this example, the bettor will only need to bet $105 to receive a payout of $100. This time the sportsbook will receive $210 in stakes over the two bets, paying out $205. The sportsbook makes $5 less in profit in this example.

This shows that Reduced Juice Sportsbooks  offer better value to sports bettors in the long run, a big plus to your bankroll in the long haul.

The Good and the Bad of Reduced Juice

Despite the example above, Reduced Juice betting is not always what’s best for the bettor.

There are times when a sportsbook offers Reduced Juice, but the bettor may actually receive a poorer price on a market (usually the favorite).

To achieve this, sometimes the lines will be changed by the sportsbook.

Example below:

Chicago Bulls:      +7.5   (+105)

LA Lakers:              -7.5    (-115)

In the above example, the Reduced Juice sportsbook is still taking the same juice on one side of the market; however the bettor would have to bet $115 to win $100 on the LA Lakers, a poorer offering than the industry standard $110 bet.

This is offset by the better odds offered for the Chicago Bulls.

So, although Reduced Juice is a better option on most occasions, there are times when the price could be worse on the other side of the market. When betting on underdogs, as in the above example, you are getting a very good offer, so there is good and bad depending on the bet you want to take

Because Reduced Juice books make less profit on each bet, they always take care to ensure that their lines are spot on; if they are not accurate, then the sportsbook will lose money. This means that it’s it’s much more difficult to spot weak lines with Reduced Juice bookmakers.

Less free bets and promotions

Reduced Juice bookmakers offer less generous incentives than their competitors. Many standard bookmakers offer large sign on bonuses and promotions to entice new members, and its generally a decision of one or the other, and depending on your goals, your choices would be different.

If you consider yourself a long-term bettor with long-term goals, always take the Reduced Juice.

Free Bets vs Reduced Juice betting

There are pros and cons to both.

For example, if you take the Reduced Juice offer with 5Dimes, you are not entitled to any of their other promotions and free bets, and visa-versa.

If your intent is to find a great bookmaker and stick with them for a long period, a Reduced Juice sportsbook is the way to go.

The Value of Reduced Juice Betting

Every bet you take should be taken carefully, after all  it’s your hard earned cash.

If you bet on a coin toss, you’d expect to double your money if you pick correctly, if you are getting less than double, it’s a bad value bet. With online sports betting the same rules apply.

Take the line above between the Chicago Bulls and Lakers, and you decide that the sportsbook have set the line correctly with either team a 50% chance of beating the spread.

If you bet at the line -105 or -110, in each case it’s a poor value bet – you’re the one placing the bad value bet, while the sportsbook is getting the better value.

If you were to back the Chicago Bulls at +105 here, you are the one getting value – the sportsbook loses out.

If you only place bets on markets where you deem you have an edge or value, it will be an advantage to you over time..

Higher Betting Limits = Better for Pros

Reduced Juice sportsbooks generally offer higher betting limits and that’s why they appeal to the pro bettors.

While having higher betting limits may sound counter to reducing risk, there is a reason for this.

Because Reduced Juice Sportsbooks are pulling in lower Juice/Vigorish on each bet, the sportsbooks need larger bet amounts to substitute for their lost edge.

Betting limits with Reduced Juice bookmakers are usually around $25,000 or more on totals, spreads and sides. For the most popular sports betting markets, such as the NFL Super Bowl, both sides of the market may around -105 due to the huge volume of money at stake.

Less Value for Recreational Bettors

While lower juice saves bettors money over a longer period, there are drawbacks for the recreational or casual bettor.

Recreational bettors looking for large deposit bonuses will be out of luck at Reduced Juice Sportsbooks.

Reduced Juice Sportsbooks do not offer large deposit bonuses, as the ability to bet with better lines is a bonus in itself. Better odds is a better deal than getting a one-time large deposit (with high turnover rates) in the long run.

Make the Reduced Juice choice for prolonged betting satisfaction.

The Best U.S Reduced Juice Books

One of the biggest Reduced Juice sportsbooks in the world is Pinnacle Sports but they left the U.S market after the UIGEA passed in 2006 They still remain the best for International bettors.

The best option for U.S residents is without a doubt the 5Dimes Sportsbook who’ve been around 20+ years and are one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world. Not only do they offer Reduced Juice, they have the most betting markets available anywhere in the U.S.

Important! – New members on sign-up must choose the “Reduced Juice” option to take advantage or the Reduced Juice. They won’t change your bonus under any circumstances after the box is ticked and submitted.

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*U.S residents welcome.

Final Verdict

Reduced Juice betting is the best way to give less to the bookmakers for every bet you take.

Profiting while betting on sports is very hard.

Any advantage you have over the sportsbooks should be capitalized on. It doesn’t make sense to place a wager on a game at -110 if the odds are available at -105 elsewhere. If you’re serious about profiting from sports betting, having a Reduced Juice sportsbook at your disposal is a must.

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